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          Carbide thread mills is the most advanced tools
          Carbide cutting tap machining non-ferrous materials such as aluminum spiral flute tap selection, cutting light, smooth chip; machining brittle materials such as cast iron straight flute tap selection, good rigidity, long life; processing of high hardness steel, use special geometries and optimized design of special taps, HSS taps can solve the problem difficult to solve; processing thread through holes, use blade angle tap, chips flowing from the front, and rigid than ordinary tap straight groove, life should be higher than 2 times.
          Surface modification of the status quo processing and analysis tool
          In order to extend tool life or increase their productivity, improve surface friction condition is particularly important, so how much more efficient application of cutting materials appear. CVD and PVD coating a thin coating on the surface of the tool has greatly improved the performance of the role, until now, this effect is far from exhaustive. The use of modern analytical techniques, can be clearly observed in the microstructure of the tool surface, and better optimization of the role play. The surface structure of the tool through a predetermined processing sequence to achieve, can now be carried out in accordance with the functional design optimization tool performance.
          Hardware companies need to make good use of a flexible marketing strategy
          Nowadays, a variety of promotional activities on the hardware market constantly, to finish the house to do this, promotional suddenly into more lines of each industry's largest "busy man." "Promotion" is one of the largest this year busy people. Today, many businesses and hardware manufacturers to promote as a "rescue medicine", there is a new listing, use promotions to open pioneer.
          China Mould industry development road blocked
          Mould industries are no tools to open up the backbone of the leading enterprises, especially in foreign markets skills, overall competition in the industry and so did not quite distinct strengths. Especially the skills of innovation, skills and innovation is critical to the creation of a mold, but the country is still very weak.
          China's domestic metal locks enterprises should keep abreast of market demand
          Today, in addition to the hardware lock company to focus on quality, the pursuit of innovation, but also to rack their brains to do marketing strategies in order to remain invincible in the market. To do business marketing, really want brains, flower fan thought the job done nature of marketing! Understand the market demand to have their own marketing personality, with their own characteristics to create a demand to attract consumers;
          The term "metal" is how come
          History into the modern industrial society, metal - metal products industry is developing rapidly, it is not so bad a terrier industry. Hardware industry has played an invaluable role in national economic development, hardware manufacturing industry has become an indispensable part of an industry.
          Use and maintenance on pneumatic tools
          Pneumatic tools are provided by the use of compressed air compressor energy for the power source and the work can be used for wire stripping, cut, tighten the screws, drilling, tapping and other purposes. Pneumatic tools generally include: eccentric vane motor, reduction gears, torque control agencies, such as chuck.
          Repair and maintenance of precision measuring tools
          Proper use of precision measuring tools is one of the important conditions to ensure product quality. Accuracy and reliability of its work to keep the gauge, except in use to follow the reasonable use, you must also do the measuring tool maintenance and repair work

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